Here is the headless statue of Peg O'Nell at her well in the grounds of Waddow Hall.Peg O'Nell was a servant girl at Waddow Hall working for the Starkie family.She use to quarrell frequently with her employers.One night Peg grumbled about being sent to fetch some water from the well, Starkie shouted at her,"I hope you fall and break your neck.".Unfortunately she did just that. For years after that sad event anything that went wrong in the Ribble Valley and especially at Waddow Hall was blamed on Peg.Years later Starkie was so fed up of Pegs curse she got an axe and went out and severed the head off the statue that had been errected were Ped had died.It was said that this put a stop to Pegs so called curse.A Mr.W.S. Weeks,the Town Clerk of Clitheroe in about the 1930's stated that the figure by the well probably once occupied a niche in Sawley or Whalley Abbey or in some neighbouring Church.

Peg O'Nells Well