The Opening of Stocks Reservoir


Prince George about to unveil a commemorative bronze plaque for the opening of the reservoir.An important part of building the reservoir,was to build it's own railway system from Tosside to the Reservoir.In all there was over thirteen miles of track and cost The Flyde Water Board £90,000.At the peak of the building over 500 men worked there and most of them lived in a temporary 'village' for the workmen and their families called Hollins.The standard wage being £2.25 a week.After board and lodging most of the workmen spent their money on beer,though spirts were banned.If anybody got too drunk they were put in the 'cooler' for the night.Which was a covered railway wagon.Graham Johnson said in 1976,'The town that grew up at Hollins.....may have been the last word in industrial relations in the 20's,but by todays counterparts...would have mistaken it for a Siberian work camp....The men of Stocks thought themselves lucky to have a cinema showing silent films,a canteen selling anything from a packet of pins to a side of beef,a recreation room with billards and limited cottage acommodation for wives and families.'