The Opening of Stocks Reservoir


More speeches from the opening ceremony.Surveyors and engineers first visted Dalehead for the suitabilty for a reservoir back in 1910.By 1912 The Flyde Water Board decided to go ahead.The sad thing was though no one was to tell the ordinary folk of Dalehead what was to become of them.Most of the farmers were tenants.The Water Board delt directly with the serveral land owners.One story that was going around the Dalehead community was that an army camp was going to be established there.It was a long time before the local people discovered that they were going to flooded out and made homeless.In 1912 the Water Board made a compulsory purchase of the land in the proposed water catchment area.The Board purchased 9,750 acres at a cost of £150,000.By 1916 over 30 farms had been purchased by the Board.They also bought the Travellers Rest from John Swale.The pub was used to accommodate all the visiting officials and engineers.By 1919 the whole village of Dalehead had been bought.